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Jeanna - 26 Augusto 12:03

En mis sesiones únicamente realizo practicas Bdsm y siempre seré "yo" la que "guíe tus pasos con mi disciplina inglesa", órdenes, castigos corporales,

Perry - 6 Marzo 07:05

Escort chilena Monserrat con mi marido.

Bibi - 20 Noviembre 18:40

Obviously? I mean obviously by canon they're all romance inclined aces, but if you're going to imagine outside canon maybe don't push bi erasure.

Shawn - 5 Enero 09:56

I am reasonably sure, when you said an emeritus professor at Cambridge, you meant Brian Josephson. В However, he is fringe in his field, even with his Nobel Prize, but he is a physicist and not a medical scientist. If we are just going to seek out random prestigious people with whom we already agree with and appeal to them, I can do the same thing. В Lastly, appealing to two Nobel Peace Prize laureates is just a bad argument from authority.

Mark - 20 Octubre 21:15

What's her name ?

Menton - 4 Julio 18:36

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